Pests? No problem!


We aim to be as humane as possible, we will use the most cost-effective, non-lethal alternatives where possible to provide you with the best in ethical pest control.


We are local to the Surrey & Sussex counties, meaning we can turn up to your home as quick as possible.

Rapid Response

Whether it’s 3 in the morning, or 3 in the afternoon, you will get the same rapid response and sense of urgency from MAP Pest control – just give us a call!

Our Services


Removing wasp nests is no easy task and is often but if you leave it up to us to be your local wasp removal team, we’ll get the job done in a quick, humane and effective manner.

From £45.00


Bees are known to swarm when they are seeking a new hive. If you’ve got a bee problem, give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Please call for a FREE survey

Rats & Mice

Rodent droppings, urine and hair are prone to carrying parasites & diseases which can be very harmful to both humans and animals alike. Failing to do something about a rat/mouse infestation at the soonest opportunity can lead to serious health issues, so don’t delay.

From £149.00 (Includes 3 Visits)


Squirrels are territorial creatures. If they’ve taken up residence on your property, do not deny them access – this can make them more agitated and aggressive, potentially resulting in expensive-to-repair damages. Instead, get the problem sorted out properly by calling MAP Pest Control.

From £90.00


We handle foxes with the care and attention they require. Not dealing with a fox problem can be seriously dangerous – Foxes are known to carry diseases which can affect dogs, cats, and in rare cases, humans too. Foxes also can carry lungworms & fleas. Their faeces can transmit also diseases.

From £110


Due to the rapid speed at which cockroaches can breed, we can only recommend an equally rapid solution – That’s where MAP Pest Control come in. Cockroaches are known to carry diseases such as Dysentery & Salmonella, which means treating a cockroach issue is extremely important.

From £168.00 (Includes 3 Visits)

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood, and as such, take residence where humans sleep. An easy way to identify bed bugs is numeroud bite-marks after going to bed, small black dots (excrement) and possible insect shell casings on your bed.

From £99.00

Spiders, ants & other insects

Along with the abovementioned bed bugs, MAP Pest Control are able to handle other insect problems such as spiders, ants and fleas. If you’ve got an insect issue that needs to be dealt with professionally, please call us for a free survey and to find out more.

From £100


Moles are well known for being a garden terror, tearing up your lawn / land and leaving unsightly holes everywhere. Moles can also transmit diseases to livestock such as sheep & cattle.

From £80.00

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